In my last e-mail, I promised you a New Year’s ritual to support you in creating your best year yet.

If you’re like I was a few years ago, and despite your best intentions, you haven’t yet done a reflection ritual, but have thought about doing one, and wish to do one but feel like you don’t have time because the energy of 2017 is already swirling about, I have a great idea for a short and sweet ritual.

I did this with my hubby and 14 year old son and they liked it too. It was meaningful and held their attention:

Step 1: Think of 1-3 things you want to release and leave behind in 2016 and 1-3 things you want to create or bring with you into 2017. Choose the same number of things to release and to bring with you.

Step 2: Get 1-3 candles, depending on the number of things you chose. Light the candles.

Step 3: Say what you want to release and blow out a candle. You can say it in your head. Saying it out loud is more powerful. Repeat 1-3 times, depending on how many things you chose.

Step 4: Say what you want to create or bring into 2017 with you and light a candle. You can say it in your head. Saying it out loud is more powerful. Repeat 1-3 times, depending on how many things you chose.

Step 5: Leave the candle(s) lit for an hour or longer to infuse the energy of what you are creating into the universe.

If you do this ritual with family, here’s how you can modify it. I had each of us choose 1 personal thing and 1 family thing to release and to create. We had only 1 candle for each of us.

As we blew out the candle, we said the family thing out loud. The personal thing was optional to say out loud. Same for when we lit the candle. The family thing we were creating, we shared out loud, and the personal thing could remain personal.

Both Vijay and Moneesh loved it and got value out of it. It was super quick and deeply meaningful. We are having fun playing with each other inside of the realm of the positive changes we are all trying to make as family members.

Speaking of positive changes, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to best support you in manifesting what you want in life and business in 2017 with a plan that totally inspires you. As I was listening to my inner guidance, something super amazing came through.

It’s called Planifesting. Manifesting + Planning = Planifesting!

Most manifesting methods like The Secret miss the plan and action part which is essential to actually creating what you want.

Through Planifesting, I:

  • Went on a Penn-in-London trip during the summer of 1990 because I knew that I would meet people there from my University who were creative and interesting and the kind of people I wasn’t going to meet in my dorm or through my business degree … and, through that decision, I met a girl who introduced me to a guy who changed my life. And, if I hadn’t met that guy, I never would have met my husband later.
  • Moved to California in 1993 to attend law school there – based on a fabulous combo of soul guidance and practicality … this decision changed the trajectory of my life in more ways than I can describe in this short e-mail … more details another time.
  • Found and married my soulmate who had all the qualities I had listed that I wanted in a man (using in 1997 when very few people knew what it was and there were no digital photos … heck … most people didn’t even know what the web was yet … I found because one of my ex-boyfriend’s ex-girflriends and I had become friends and she told me about it … and, then I found my now hubby’s paragraph on the site and felt romantic feelings and soul tug for the paragraph).
  • Supported my brother in finding and marrying his soulmate (my husband’s sister – true story) … I knew from the first time I met her that my brother would love her, and I followed and supported that nudge to become reality with an amazing plan (story for another time!)
  • Followed my crazy wisdom and used my business knowledge to start my first business which brought in 6-figures in 14 months. (Even though everyone told me it was impossible)
  • Planted the seeds that grew into my husband’s company moving us from NJ to Orange County, CA and paying all moving expenses for a 5-bedroom house, 2 cars, and all real estate listing and closing fees. (Even though my husband has been saying all along that his company doesn’t have opportunities in California and it wasn’t ever going to happen … until it did!)

And, the list goes on …

I have a special Planifesting experience that I’m offering for a small group of amazing ladies. If this might be you, email and we will schedule a time to chat.

Love and gratitude,