The dreams you’ve achieved so far?  They’re just the beginning of the dance your soul came here to do, Sister.  It’s time to go Quantum in your Prosperity and Productivity. Because there’s literally an entire Universal field just waiting for you to tap into it and use its power to accelerate your path.

I’m Kavita Rani Arora, founder of the Epic Dream Academy. I know firsthand what it feels like to “have it all” on paper…but to still feel that ache in your heart for what’s missing.

Years ago, I felt trapped inside myself and my life. It was like I’d been placed inside a gilded cage of my own making. And while a 6-figure business, an amazing marriage, and a wonderful child might seem like all you need to be happy, secretly, I was in misery. 

To cover it up, I did many of the things you’re probably doing right now. I overworked, pushed too hard into my masculine, and tried to control everything around me. When that didn’t work, I was quick to reach for food or red wine to numb the pain. 

Or maybe you lean the other way, endlessly dancing in the flow state, praying that your desires for your business and life will manifest, but never taking any solid action.

I learned the hard way that neither one of those created a road to an epic life. But when I tuned into the voice of my true self and my soul, that’s when I found an entrance into another realm — the quantum. 

It’s a divine world where everything clicks into place. Where your soul is calling the shots. Where you’re drenched in inner peace and solidly owning your power, no matter what’s going on around you. It’s where you can access the wisdom of the entire universe and all its possibilities — and then carry them back to this life within you. 

And in the quantum? Nothing is off limits.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney.

Our vision at the Epic Dream Academy is that you can make your epic dreams for prosperity and productivity come true using the Quantum Field.

We will show you how to access the Quantum space and then provide the guidance, inspiration and tools to uncover your heart’s biggest dreams and accomplish them so you become the woman your soul came here to be.

Through my years of training and experience as a lawyer, a wife, a mother, and a business owner, I’ve developed a pathway that allows you to live your Epic Dream – to fulfill your greatest potential from the center of your being rather than just from your (admittedly brilliant) brain.  The idea is to use your brilliant mind in service to making your Epic Dream come true.

Countless conscious entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe have experienced this life-changing work through my coaching, speaking, and in-person and online trainings.

I’d love for you to be next.

What makes The Epic Dream Academy different?

We really get your dream vision at a deep level and help you expand it AND we can help you with all the details that will make it real. Most programs are strong in one or the other, but not both the practical and the spiritual, the big picture and the minutiae. In other words, we know how to get you inspired, and we give you all the tools, systems, and structures to make your dreams happen. 

We use structure in service of your Epic Dream — and flow in service of your Epic Future.

All of our Epic Dream curriculum is grounded in the best of ancient and modern spiritual and business wisdom.

We’re pulling from Vedic principles, Quantum Spiritual Science, yoga, kundalini, wealth consciousness, neuroscicence, Tantra, feminine magic AND Fortune 500 strategy and Ivy League business education.

To put it clearly — 

There is NO other program like this out there.

And our clients aren’t like anyone else out there either.

We only work with people who care about changing the world. We are committed to putting more money in the hands of conscious entrepreneurs and leaders who will use that money to make a huge difference. 

Your Epic Dreams dreams must come true.
Humanity needs them to.
The planet needs them to.
Your soul needs them to.

Meet The Epic Dream Academy Founder Kavita Rani Arora

The short story: I’m, Kavita Rani Arora, a former successful lawyer who left the Fortune 500-paved life everyone else wanted for me in favor of the TRULY lucrative life my SOUL wanted.

How did THAT happen? Well, that story is a bit longer.

I was raised in a traditional Indian family, by parents who only wanted the best for me.

After high school, I attended the Wharton Business School undergraduate program, at University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League university and one of the top colleges in the U.S., and graduated with a B.S. in Economics. I then went on to get my law degree, and worked at one Fortune 500 Company after another as my career advanced. I married a wonderful man. I gave birth to a beautiful son. We bought our dream house.

And we lived happily ever after, right? 

Not really.

Even though my life looked perfect on paper, inside I felt unfulfilled. I couldn’t ignore the whisper inside my soul that I was meant to use my time on Earth for more than just this. 

Although I was grateful for my gorgeous little family and the career and financial success I was experiencing…

Something was missing.

To start with, I’d chosen my career by default. As a child of a traditional Indian family there had only been a few “acceptable” career choices available. I’d chosen the two that were most appealing to me – business and law – while simultaneously pushing down the parts of my heart and soul that wanted more.

I had also relinquished my voice in order to go along with many of my husband’s choices (it wasn’t his fault and, quite honestly, I didn’t even realize I had done it!).

To top it off, my relationships at work and in my personal life were suffering because I was either keeping my voice small and quiet (and not getting what I really wanted) or bulldozing my way through conversations (and getting what I wanted — but feeling bad about how I’d gotten it).

I began to feel a deep dissatisfaction, which I coped with through binge drinking, eating, and working too hard.  Anything to fill the emptiness.

I had worked hard to get the “right education,” land a “great job,” and enjoy “the good life,” yet I couldn’t escape the nagging feeling that I wasn’t living up to my full potential.

Night after night I went to sleep incomplete. Morning after morning I went back to life as I knew it. I numbed my deeper longings with food, alcohol, and shopping, and told myself everything would be fine.

To be honest, those were dark years.

(Can you relate?)

Fortunately, through the right mentors and magical messages along the way, I finally worked my way from numbing my pain to discovering what I needed in order to truly thrive in life, love, and business. 

And that’s how the Epic Dream Method came to be. 

I didn’t discover it; 

it found ME.

Soon, it became a guiding light to help push me through the hard times. More than that, it became a practice I could count on to help me create the life and business I REALLY wanted – without sacrificing the beautiful parts of the life and business I already had.

This Method not only got me out of the dark times, but also helped me to get to my next level, each time I wanted to grow and evolve again.

It helped me Believe. Become Limitless. Bloom. 

I started my dream business and hit 6-figures in 14 months with similar success in later years. 

Then, just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I discovered a brand new way to consciously shape my divine destiny — by exploring the Quantum Field.  

I have reached a place of freedom and love that I never thought I’d reach in my relationship with my parents. 

Together, my husband and I manifested his company relocating us from NJ to gorgeous Southern California. (When I first brought it up to him, he said there was no way it would happen. And, yet, here we are!)

And as I write this, I’m sitting outside, in my resort-like backyard with a view of the mountains and surrounding acreage. It’s early February and 83 degrees. Pinch me, I must be dreaming!  I’m living my Epic Dream. 

Does this mean my life is perfect and in a pretty little box? No, not at all.  Like you, I’m a woman on a mission and there’s always a next level. So, I’ll always be using The Epic Dream Method to help me actualize my potential. 

For people like us, there’s always a next level. 

You can do this too. I’d love to show you how. 

When I began to teach this method to others, I noticed how their eyes (and lives) lit up as they transformed from being overwhelmed, overstretched, and overloaded – in their relationships, their work, their finances, their businesses, their bodies – into clarity and calm. 

Where there had been pain, there was now peace. And pleasure. And prosperity. 

This is a powerful time on our planet for women. I invite you to join me and other women like you who are creating Epic Dreams for themselves and for the world.

Are you feeling called to step more deeply into your purpose, create a lot more prosperity, and do it in alignment with your soul’s true calling?

I want to show you how to do exactly that, while feeling a lot more pleasure and peace in the day-to-day operations of your life and business.

Your soul already wrote your business plan. Let’s work together to uncover it. Once we do, I’ll help you find the best model to express your true work…while your bank account grows.

“Kavita is a true leader and way-shower for women who are ready to transcend cycles of disconnection and dissatisfaction, and step into their power.  As we learn how to identify what we want, have the courageous conversations necessary, and step into our desires, we create a healthier and more prosperous world for all.  Kavita is lighting the path.”

Nisha Moodley | Women's Leadership Coach & Founder of Global Sisterhood Day

“Most women are not taught to speak their truth or ask for what they need in a way that stems from their true feminine power. We learn to be bulldozers or victims or passive aggressive manipulators – none of which reflect our power or ultimately get us what we desire. Kavita Arora has devoted her deep wisdom and personal life experience to giving women the skills, tools, and self awareness to speak up from their heart, courageously and compassionately –  now that is feminine power. Kavita has the spiritual depth and the practical life experience to be a great teacher, mentor and guide for any woman ready and willing to access and speak from her feminine power.”

Christine Arylo | spiritual catalyst, MBA | best-selling author | creator of the Feminine Super Powers

“Kavita is THE coach for women who want to clear what’s blocking them from their truth and their voice.

In today’s fast paced market and world, over 5000 messages are ignored every single day. If you don’t want your message to be one of those, it’s important to have someone like Kavita who can hone in on who you TRULY are, what you are REALLY here to say, and connect you with the courage inside to go out and say it. Business success demands no less. Work with Kavita.”

Kylie Slavik | Digital Marketing Expert

“Speak Up with Kavita is vastly important work that has been long due for women, and has had a profoundly positive impact in my life. In giving permission to women in having their voices heard, Kavita has lovingly created a powerful dialogue with a diversity of leaders that inspires, encourages and ignites one’s inner voice. 

Having always ‘thought’ that I spoke my mind, I actually realized I had been hiding many of my unspoken thoughts, ideas and needs in fear.  From her summit, I was able to communicate my unspoken needs and desires to my partner & also have those “uncomfortable conversations” with others that without her work would have been not as easy or graceful. I have now felt comfortable setting boundaries, and in expressing what I need from those around me with genuine caring, authenticity and a loving authority.

She helped me deepen my own practice of learning how to better listen to others and their desires while more proudly voicing my needs with reciprocal respect, tenderness and grace. These are the foundations that every woman should be given. She helped create an opening and space that it was not only okay for me to express these needs, but that it is integral. Kavita and her message is really for any woman who is ready to experience the real definition of success in all areas of their life. 

Journeying with Kavita through Speak Up honestly has changed my life, and has been one of the most important pieces of work that has come my way.”

Phoenix Muranetz | Female Sensuality & Empowerment Expert

Quirky fun facts about Kavita:

1. I’m intensely curious and love asking questions. It’s part of what makes me a fabulous coach and mentor.

2. I loved reading books about magic and fantasy and imagining what was possible. This was the way the young visionary in me loved to play and dream Epic Dreams.
3. My favorite shows when I was young were Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman. I’m secretly a super hero, and I see all my clients that way too! I also loved watching Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica with my family. Sci fi has never been the same since those shows. I used to be a huge Piers Anthony fan too (Sci Fi/Fantasy).
4. I had two names which I have merged into one. I had a spiritual super hero identity for a while. My first business was run by my super hero identity, Leela Somaya. True story.
5. I have always known things I wasn’t supposed to know which really drove the adults crazy when I was young. I just had this bizarre 6th sense.
6. I had an Epic Dream to marry an amazing Indian man. I went on over 50 blind dates and couldn’t find him. I was determined! I met my husband on in April of 1997 before they had digital pictures on the site! We fell for each other before we met in person which means we didn’t know what the other person looked like. Once we met in-person, we knew for sure that we were meant to be together. We got engaged 8 months later and married 8 months after that. (There’s a super cool story around how all of this would not have have happened were it not for a series of intuitive decisions I made starting at age 20 and possibly even earlier – this is a key part of the Epic Dream Method).
7. I have 2 kids – my 17 year old son, Vijay and my 12 year old child, which is my business, my purpose, my great work in the world, supporting conscious entrepreneurs and leaders to create Epic Dreams. Seriously, my mom was sad for a while that I never had that real second child. My sister-in-law made up for it by having 3 kids, so now my mother has the 4 grandkids she always wanted! Love the way these things work out.
8. My husband used to be a famous DJ and a billboard reporter. He met all sorts of well-known musicians in the 1980’s and 1990’s including Madonna and Prince. Too bad I didn’t know him then.
9. In June 2010, life as I knew it fell apart completely and I thought all my hopes and dreams were dead, forever. This breakdown was a huge gift, the best thing that ever happened to me.
10. I speak 3 languages – Hindi, Punjabi, and English. My first language was Punjabi and I knew no English when I started school at the age of 3

Official Bio:

Kavita Rani Arora, Esq. is the founder of Epic Dream Academy and host of the Quantum Feminine Leader Podcast, where thought leaders, changemakers and visionary leaders come to create Quantum Prosperity & Productivity, the Feminine Way.

As an Unconventional Business Strategist and Spiritual Catalyst, Kavita has developed a proven process for creating soul-driven success based on ancient Vedic wisdom, neuroscience, the Quantum field, the divine feminine and modern spiritual science. 

Kavita gave up her career as a lawyer and Fortune 500 director in favor of listening to her soul’s true calling. For more than a decade, she's worked with thousands of people, including visionary entrepreneurs, leaders from UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo, as well as high-powered lawyers worldwide through her transformational programs, workshops and retreats.

Kavita earned her Bachelor’s degree from the Wharton School of Business and her J.D. from Santa Clara University. She’s a perpetual student, currently doing feminine form Ayurveda studies, holds 13 different coaching and leadership certifications (and counting) and is a certified Kundalini and Hatha yoga teacher. Prior to starting her own business, she spent 15 years negotiating contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies like Avaya, AT&T, HP, and Sprint. 

She has spoken alongside such luminaries as Dr. Christiane Northrup, Marianne Williamson, Lynne Twist and Gabrielle Bernstein. Kavita is currently living her dream in her resort-like home in Southern California with her husband, Moneesh, and son, Vijay.


Professional Qualifications

B.S. in Economics with a Concentration in Finance and Political Science

Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 

J.D. with a Concentration in Estate Planning (while taking interesting courses like Feminist Jurisprudence, Critical Race Theory, and Power, Privilege and the Law)

Santa Clara University School of Law, Santa Clara, CA

15 years of working at Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Sprint Nextel, Avaya, and Hewlett Packard in various legal, business development, and strategic alliances roles, earning 6 figures during the majority of that time.

9 years of experience as a Business and Spiritual Mentor and Coach.

5 years of coaching and consulting as a 6-figure solopreneur.



Transformational and Coaching Background

I began studying personal development and Hinduism in childhood and have deepened into that passion along side my corporate career.  In college, I got deeply interested in Zen Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and mysticism in general.



Certifications, courses and other relevant stuff:

Yoga Teacher Training RYT200 – integrating yoga, at the deepest level, into the work I do with inspiring leaders. Yoga is about union with who you really are at your deepest essence and embodying that part of you. It goes so far beyond the physical practice, and it is a core foundation of my work.  

Tapping Into Wealth Coach Training – supporting visionary leaders like you to break through your money ceiling by releasing conditioning and limiting beliefs. 

Arbinger Coaching Certification – the foundational training to help visionary leaders break through glass ceilings and create from their true power.

Akashic Records certified practitioner (through Andrrea Hess and Linda Howe) – receiving guidance from your soul and soul guide’s regarding whatever is going on in your life right now. A unique way to release old energies and breakthrough old blocks. Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner – Andrrea Hess /

Life Purpose Coaching Certification through Life Purpose Institute – so I can work with you on your purpose work as needed! 

Transformative Leadership Certification – gained a deep, deep understanding of co-creative collaboration and generatively working through conflicts.

Certified Feminine Power Transformative Coach – this training taught me a ground-breaking method in breaking apart fear, doubt, and lies we tell ourselves so that I can guide you to standing in your true power and building your business from there.

Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coaching – I have learned a breakthrough method in helping you to heal and move on from a breakup or a divorce, stronger and more powerful than ever.

Certified Calling in the One Coach – I can help you with finding your partner alongside our biz coaching, if you want … my approach is about bringing the whole self to business, and I’d imagine that your are happier and more satisfied when you are in love which translates into more success in business.  So, if you want the help, it’s here for you … just ask. 

Feminine Power Mastery with Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas – the inner work that shifted me from being focused on my personal story to standing in my greater service and contribution which is to be a bridge between the business world and the creative world.

Soulful Women Certificate in Archetypes of the Divine Feminine with Devaa Haley Mitchell and Elayne Kalila Doughty – I am owning the archetypal energies and each one is cleansing me, helping me to become an empty vessel with powerful energies moving through her.  Currently an Initiate in Devotion on the Priestess Ordination Path in the 13-Moon Mystery School.  – bringing a soulful depth, empty presence, immanence, and a deep knowledge of the archetypes of the divine feminine to my work.

Evolutionary Life Transformation program with Craig Hamilton – years 1 and 2 – laid the foundation for my work with evolutionary spirituality and integral enlightenment adding a depth to my perspective which informs my coaching.

Extensive coaching training with Handel Group taught me a process which I fondly call ego-mapping … they call it something different.  Shadow work at its very best and most intense, so I can go to your deep, dark depths with you, helping you to release the energy stuck in those old wounds and harness it as a tremendous force in your biz … I can show you how your darkness can actually be an advantage.  Let’s play in the shadows, visionary leader …

Woman: The Embodiment Experience with LiYana Silver – dropped into deep embodiment, clarity and confidence.

WomanSpeak training with Kc Baker so I can support women in becoming amazing public speakers.

Landmark Forum and Advanced Course – broke me open when I was in my mid 20’s, giving me the first glimpses of what life outside the ego could look like.

Level 1 Reiki certification – got me tuned in to my tremendous healing abilities, and the ability to transmit that healing energy to clients.

Sex, Love and Relationships Certification with Layla Martin is currently in progress.



New Paradigm Business Studies

I have spent over $200K on my business and personal growth education so you don’t have to.  I took many courses to learn the ropes which means you don’t have to go multiple places to learn it all.  I have distilled the information into digestible pieces for you.

I continue to engage in high-level mentoring with the some of the best coaches out there.

I am a perpetual student and am always learning so I can improve my business and life strategies and help my clients and students!





Create a multi-dimensional plan to embody the energy of your future self, the one who fulfills her dreams while relishing the journey.

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