Your soul already wrote your life & business plan.
Let’s work together to uncover it.

Soul-Driven Strategy: Free Breakthrough Session

{Complimentary 30-minute Conversation}


During our quick, but powerful Soul-Driven Strategy Session, we catalyze, clarify, create, and customize:

  • A plan for your new beginning if you are just starting out in your business. (There’s no limit to where you can go from here)
  • A leveraged plan for your Epic next level. (Your biggest dreams are possible. Let’s identify the actions that will get you there)
  • Or, a customized plan for whatever stage you’re at. (You have the ability to create magic. Let me show you how.)

Possible results include going from feeling soul crushed to soul-driven, upping your profit margin, and adding more magic into your life and business using strategies that are aligned with your soul. 

This is where pleasure meets prosperity, intuition meets income, and soul-driven strategies meet success.

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I will listen.

I will hear you. I will witness whatever it is that you need to feel seen in, whether that’s in your heart, your work or even just thoughts you have floating around, I will tune into you. I will listen you into being. I’ve been told by many that I’m a fabulous space-holder.

I will support.

As we move from story to solution, I will tune into your needs surrounding this issue. I will sit with your desires and needs to craft a solution that allows not just a surface sense of relief, but a deep inner peace. You’ll feel fully supported by whatever way we choose to work together.

We will resolve.

Together, we will actually explore tangible options to release whatever is holding you back with from your Epic Dream or next level. Many have reported deep transformation, just from experiencing my witnessing and reflection.   


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Soul-Driven Strategy: The Catalyze Experience



Breathe in deeply as you let go of the number one thing that’s been holding you back from your epic life or business. Whether it’s releasing a prosperity block, tuning back into your true self, discovering more clarity on your message or implementing spiritual and soulful systems, we’ll spend 3 hours together transforming the area where you need the most support.  

Before the call, I’ll send you a questionnaire so we can focus our attention fully on one epic dream or next level your heart wants to reach. No matter what you’re feeling, I will witness you and help you move through your emotions with grace, ease and flow. Together, we’ll create a solution for the issue that’s been standing in the way of your dreams, and then shift you into action mode, so you can strike the feminine-masculine balance that leads to extraordinary results. 

Quick & soulful relief is available to you.

Your Investment: $1500

Payment Options: One payment of $1500 or 2 payments of $850

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Not sure where to start? Here are a few examples of things I can help you with:

  • Have you reached an inner glass ceiling?  There’s so much more that you want to create, but there’s only so much of you to go around. I’ll show you how to utilize the force of the Quantum Field to expand your income, increase your productivity, and tap into new levels of prosperity. 
  • Do you wish there were 10 of you? Because that’s at least as many as you would need to do all the things you want to do! You’ll discover how to use 5D consciousness to create your 3D reality and allow for an ease and flow you’ve never experienced. 
  • Is inner turmoil in your business or money keeping you from pushing to the next level of success? You’ll learn how to access Quantum Prosperity and create wealth from a place of alignment, not from a place of burnout. 
  • Are you ready to move past a block that’s been troubling you ever since you can remember? We’ll remind you of your soul’s truth, so you can find answers in the most important place imaginable — within yourself. 
  • Are you feeling plagued by a tough conversation that needs to occur between you and another person (or with yourself)? Are you dreading that conversation? I’ll show you how to negotiate for your boundaries and get the results you desire. 
  • Is there someone or something in your life you wish would change … because if they change or it changes, then your life would be so much better? I’ll show you how to reflect on the truth of the situation and approach it from a clear head and heart.

If you’ve heard any echo of “yes” or “Finally!” somewhere in the back of your mind, you’re in the right place.

Your Epic Dream, your next level, is waiting for you – and you don’t have to spend thousands or months “trying” to get it (especially when you know how to access the Quantum Field.).

That’s where a breakthrough comes in, the Epic Dream Breakthrough, to be more precise.

This is a simple luxury a 3 hour session where we will dive deep to tackle one area and resolve it so you can leverage and scale in your life, love, and business.

Grab your breakthrough solution

and let’s create your leverage, power and scale together.

Based on your needs, you will:

  • Leave with a plan to do more in less time using smart structures and systems based on your values.
  • Feel relieved, energized and ready to have that conversation you are been avoiding or maybe even dreading.
  • Transmute that inner turmoil into passion, pleasure and prosperity and amplify your power and peace.
  • Identify the core pattern that is creating disruption in your life and a plan to shift it.

Quick & soulful relief is available to you.

Your Investment: $1500

Payment Options: One payment of $1500 or 2 payments of $850.

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Soul-driven Strategy: The Immersion Experience



Imagine traveling to beautiful Southern California where you’ll be hosted in an elegant hotel for a 2-night stay. A private car will pick you up and bring you to my luxurious yet comfortable home.  We’ll start with a light breakfast while co-creating our plans for the rest of your immersive day.

After breakfast, we’ll head outside by the pool for a few hours of nature-inspired creative time. An organic lunch and relaxing spa time will follow.  Nourished by both pleasure and sustenance, we’ll flow easily into a productive afternoon. We’ll finish the experience off with a lovely dinner at a delicious farm-to-table restaurant (my favorite!). After a delightful dinner and lively conversation, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel. You’ll leave the Epic Dream Experience feeling at ease and empowered, with a solid plan of action for whatever you most desire in your life or business.

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During our experience:

As an ambitious woman, “getting away” sounds brilliant. You thrive when you’re inspired,  alive and feeling fully used, within your body, mind and soul – but you’re just not feeling quite “there”.

You may feel clouded by overwhelm because there is so much going on in your life. Or, perhaps you are exhausted from trying to keep up the act and looking happy on the outside while falling apart on the inside.

I’ve got you, sister. I can help you connect to your Epic Dreams again, so you can access your deep strength, wisdom and ever-flowing energy.

We will look deeply into your life, love, and work to unearth and resolve major inner and outer conflicts, both recognized and hidden, in order to discover your unique way of creating Your Epic Dream or next level. Together, we’ll focus on what needs to shift in your daily practices to bridge the gap between where you are currently and the lifestyle you desire to create.

You may be wondering: Why do I need this experience over your other options, Kavita?

There’s something unparalleled about sitting in the same space with a mentor and tapping into their energy and brilliance uninterrupted.

  • You can ask as many questions as you’d like.
  • You get all the nurturing, tough love and attention you need; yes, for one full day, everything is about you.
  • You have unlimited support to lean into.
  • You have the luxury and comfort of being pampered – instead of being the caretaker.
  • The platform for exploring yourself, your work, and what you’re all about with no judgment.
  • The face-to-face interactions, encouragement, and insight of someone who’s been there–not only will I hear you, I can empathize.

I could go on and on – but you get the point.

It’s a super-charged yet harmonious experience with the ease of a long-term program, without the longevity.

Based on your needs, you can expect to:

  • Identify the major areas of conflict in your life that interfere with your Epic Dreams, and create a step-by-step plan to resolve them
  • Rewire your heart and mind so that you operate from a place of peace, power and pleasure
  • Clarify your ideal lifestyle & work model based on your unique essence
  • Map out your ideal next year of life and work on a 12-month calendar and create a spacious schedule that allows you to earn the income you desire without feeling like you’re drowning in overwhelm

The program includes:

  • Deep dive Epic Dream Questionnaire so I can really get to know you
  • 90 minute pre-session to prepare (by phone)
  • 1-day deep dive in-person, with high-level notes of what was covered + a few surprise gifts
  • 2 nights’ lodging (travel not included)
  • Organic breakfast, lunch and dinner on day of retreat
  • Private car to transport you to and from the hotel to retreat location
  • Two 50-minute follow-up session by phone (conducted monthly post-retreat)


Sometimes traveling is not possible. That’s why we have created the option to do have this experience in the comfort of your own home by phone.

  • Deep dive Epic Dream Questionnaire so I can really get to know you and what interferes with creating your dream vision.
  • 50 minute pre-session to prepare (by phone) + a few surprise gifts sent by mail.
  • A 5-hour exploration by phone. I’ll take great notes so you can relax and enjoy. You’ll also receive a call recording.
  • Two 50-minute phone follow-up sessions (conducted monthly after deep-dive).
  • Access to The HeART of Getting What You Want Course.

Deep clarity & full body relief is available to you.


Soul-driven Strategy: The Voyage



In this deep-dive, supportive coaching experience, you’ll redesign your work and lifestyle to maximize peace, power and pleasure (while increasing profit at the same time). Who says you can’t have it all?! Together, we will uncover major inner and outer conflicts, both recognized and hidden, that are keeping you at war within your soul. 

Once we discover the truth, we’ll begin to shift you back into your true nature and set you up for alignment once again. We’ll focus on what needs to change in your daily practices to bridge the gap between where you are today and the life experience you desire to create for tomorrow. 

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There’s beauty in every “dark” corner of your heart – are you hiding yours?

Conflict dwells within each one of us; and it often goes unseen, unheard, and unacknowledged.

How do you know if you’re struggling with unresolved conflict? You may be experiencing one or more of these:

  • You struggle with feeling unfulfilled in your life, even though it looks quite good to others. On paper? Perfect. In reality? Something is missing. 
  • You know you have a lot of potential and you wonder whether it will ever be realized … or, will you die with your music still left inside? You aren’t willing to wait any longer to find out. 
  • You have mysterious health issues that drain your energy and motivation. You suspect it’s because your soul isn’t being given its fair shot at expression. 
  • You keep hitting your limitations and glass ceiling, wondering if you will ever break through. This can show up in your money, career success, relationships, health etc.
  • Self-sabotage is a common “go to” for you when it comes to facing difficult situations.
  • You crave more time and ease in your life, but you can never seem to find more.
  • Intimate conversations and/or relationships are just not your thing – whether that’s being a doormat or bullying others when you try to communicate.

You may be ready to break away from these bad habits or get to the bottom of what’s going on inside of you.

Either way, you’re ready to experience the joy and freedom of releasing your inner turmoil so you can create your Epic Dream Life.

You’re ready to rejuvenate.

I’d love to support you in that.

I’d be honored to stand by your side as a mentor and confidante – walking alongside you during your 6-month journey to creating your Epic Dream.

I only accept 8 women a year to assure the highest quality of work together.

The Epic Dream Voyage is more than a 6-month journey, it is a deep-dive into your soul.

Yes – it’s different from your typical “private” coaching.

You’re seen in our work, always.

While you may not be able to pinpoint the exact issue, I want you to know you’re always seen with me.

I’ll witness you no matter what you’re moving through – we’ll move through that together, and then onto the solution once you feel complete in your releasing.

Your bliss is my mission.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve had the life sucked out of you, going through the motions trying to put it all together into a puzzle with pieces that don’t seem to fit.

No matter what’s brought you here – to this very page and these words – it’s my passion and dream to teach you to move past your blocks through healthy and constructive communication.

We’ll restructure your inner workings.

We’ll work together to redesign your work and lifestyle to maximize peace, power and pleasure.

We will develop day-to-day and long-term strategies and solutions for embodying more freedom and pleasure in your life and business.

Simply put: we’re going to create your Epic Dream Life and Work – together.

Have a few more questions?

How do I know your long-term program is the right choice for me?

While we can work together in a many ways, this 6-month journey is for those who are looking for more consistent, long-term support.

This can mean you want to go slow or you’re just looking for a guide through your journey on a more regular basis.

This long-term commitment is all about me tuning into you and me supporting you through the deep dive into rewiring the way you think, act and feel.

if you’re still not sure, feel free to reach out and ask any questions! Contact

What “results” can I expect from our work?

To be clear, this answer is different for everyone. No two people leave with the same results because this is such a hand-tailored experience for each individual.

However, based on your needs, here are some possible outcomes:

  • Identify the major areas of conflict in your life money, body, relationships, balance, your inner critic or anything else that get in the way of your Epic Dreams
  • Get my best support and hand-holding as you work through these issues and center in your passion, productivity, and peace
  • Feel a deeper sense of ease and bliss than you have ever experienced before
  • A deep knowing that no matter what happens, you will be okay and you are held
  • Rewire your heart and mind so that you operate from a place of peace, power and pleasure
  • Create a spacious schedule that allows you to earn the income you desire while having ample time for fun and self-care
  • Map your ideal work/life balance on a 12-month calendar

The program includes:

  • Half-day 3-hour deep dive by phone, with notes of what was covered and a call recording
  • Deep dive Epic Dream Questionnaire so I can really get to know you and what interferes with creating your Epic Dream Life & Business
  • A few surprise gifts sent by mail
  • (10) 50-minute sessions by phone
  • Voxer support
  • Access to The HeART of Getting What You Want Course plus other custom-selected content to fit your unique needs

If you wish to augment this package by adding a live private retreat and/or by extending coaching to 12 months, those options are available on a limited basis. Just ask about it when we chat.

Believe. Become Limitless. Bloom. Yes, it is available to you.

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Believe. Become Limitless. Bloom.

Yes, it is available to you.

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Create a multi-dimensional plan to embody the energy of your future self, the one who fulfills her dreams while relishing the journey.

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