Hope you have enjoyed your summer and are feeling nourished and replenished.  I have been laying low and taking a much-needed break!  That’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while. This note will be longer than usual because I want to fill you in on some inspiring stuff and to share a bit about what I’ve been up to. It was a very busy June and July with launching my sales course, Quantum Leap your Biz and also an interview series – Quantum Leaps for Ambitious Women TeleJam, alongside a 30 Quantum Leap Challenge during which I took on my health and other ladies took on book writing, work etc. (Deep breaths!  That’s a lot of stuff I took on … as per my old usual … new (and more sane) normal evolving!) As a result, several of my clients are rocking their sales and hundreds of women learned how to create quantum leaps in business and in life – just a few keys we learned  were:
1) navigate around and through fear to access your deeper purpose and let it guide you – you’d be surprised at how the universe comes up to meet you when you do this;
2) get comfy outside your comfort zone; and
3) leverage your feminine force, pleasure and passion to fuel your quantum leap into your fantasy life!
 In addition, my work is ramping up with my corporate client and I am having a blast coaching multiple 6-figure entrepreneurs to break into high 6-figures and 7-figures. Alongside all this amazingness, I realized I was giving from my reserves and feeling depleted. And, I realized that I needed to shift some dynamics in key relationships.  My authority issues were up, and I learned to hold my power in lovely new way while respecting boundaries.  (more about this in upcoming months – juicy learnings to share and a new body of work emerging). I decided to go inward and replenish so I can give from surplus instead. So many modern women deplete themselves and keep giving – can you identify?That’s the paradigm we’re living inside of, and it’s time to shift that!  (more about this in the Feature Article)
I feel deeply nourished by time with family, an amazing trip to Maui with my husband and lots of time to rest into my receiving.
In Maui, this was the view from our balcony, my office away from home.  I love the ocean and when I’m not there, I often listen to the sounds of ocean waves while working.
Someday, I know I will own an oceanfront home.  Where will your dream home be located?
With Succulent Business Planning and Profit, you can make your dreams manifest. One dream I’m working on is my health … beginning with my 30 day Quantum Leap Challenge, I’ve been tuning into creating better health for myself through natural, healthy pleasures and fun movement. Again, it’s that feminine approach of allowing, receiving and deeply listening as contrasted with pushing and driving towards fitness and weight loss. Getting the masculine and feminine in balance.
I’m getting back in touch with my Wild Woman, Shakti, life force energy and it will be infusing my communications and work going forward.
“The way to maintain one’s connection to the wild is to ask yourself what it is that you want. This is the sorting of the seed from the dirt. One of the most important discriminations we can make in this matter is the difference between things that beckon to us and things that call from our souls.”  ~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes . I’m listening deeply to the voices from my soul … are you?  In coming months, I’ll be talking more about the shadows that can cloud messages from the soul.  A message from my soul is that I am meant to be a blend of Debbie Ford & Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes … woo hoo!
The September shift in energy is palpable. I know you can feel it too.  Now that I have taken the time to deeply nourish myself, I can truly open to receive this intense energy.
I LOVED back-to-school shopping with my son!   I’m really a big kid at heart and got as excited as he did about it.
I bought him a few frivolous things alongside the practical ones … this was one of my favorites autumn rituals as a child. I can still remember the thrill of my new markers, paint pens and stickers.  What was this time of year like for you? Tihs is my son, Vijay, at the bus stop with his bright orange KD on one foot and boot on the other. He’s smiling through the heel pain of Sever’s disease. He may have to get a hard cast soon. At least he gets to take the elevator and have someone else carry his books! I’m so proud of his great attitude … since June his movement had been 70% less than normal and he can’t play fall baseball even though he made the local club team. I’m sad for his health struggles and, at the same time, grateful that it isn’t something more serious.
I’ve spent a lot of time caring for him this summer and taking him to physical therapy etc. which is also part of why I haven’t written to you.  I’m back now, and feeling replenished and ready to serve.
My renewal and the fabulous ripple of September energy is inspiring some fabulous new offerings which I can’t wait to share with you soon. 
I also dug doing my Money Projections for the rest of 2013 and for 2014 … noticing that I’m great at bringing in revenue, but need to watch my expenses so that I keep more of what I make. I’m really pleased with the many investments I have made in mentorship, tech infrastructure and branding. I’ve made some great investments and some not so good ones. Now, it’s time to focus on reigning in that spending. Too many entrepreneurs talk about their gross revenue, but don’t talk about net revenue (total revenue minus expenses). I’m be diving more deeply into this point as well, as I help you with your business planning needs. (More on this soon … articles and f*ree event coming) Serving you from my surplus flowing from my feminine wisdom,
Kavita Leela
FEATURE ARTICLE: Succulent Receiving Practice so you can GIVE from Your Surplus – Replenish, Restore & Renew 
I was gifted with this amazing receiving practice from my mentor, Christine Arylo.  She wrote about it in her book, Madly in Love with Me.  Here is the summary she sent to me:
Step 1- wake up in receiving body position (on your back with arms facing up to receive). Open your eyes and breathe.  Don’t jump out of bed 
Step 2 – Check in on your energy tank.  Where is your energy gauge on a scale of  0-100 with  100 being full and 0 being empty.  Ask your Inner Wisdom for the number.  The first number is the right number. Below 50 you are serving from reserves and giving away life force that is not to be given away – MUST replenish, 50-75 – okay to give but need to receive too,  75 or above – good, have extra to give and also good to receive
Step 3 – Ask your Inner Wisdom, “What do I need to RECEIVE today” — whatever your inner wisdom says, receive or do that — if you can’t hear her, then do an 11 minute Harmony Break – 11 minute timer, laying on back, knees up, arms out, breathing.
I have been doing this practice for 20 days now, and it has changed my life. When I began, i was giving from reserves, so I did a lot to replenish, feed and nurture myself … I did this, even when I had no time for it because I was busy with the demands of work, taking care of my son and handling the household. Through raising my awareness of my energy stores and energy levels, I was able to honor myself by slowing down and breathing, even during a busy day. And, I found hidden pockets of time for self-care.
Are you taking care of yourself, dear one?  How brightly is your light shining in your body temple?  May it shine as brightly and beautifully as the light in the divine temple above.
As women, we can tend to give and give without enough thought to our own well-being.  And, before we know it, we are emotionally and/or physically depleted and in some kind of health crisis that makes us slow down.
Here’s to avoiding that health crisis and replenishing now!
About 10 days into doing this Receiving Practice, I felt a palpable shift in my energy levels and motivation.  I could feel myself shifting to giving from surplus as contrasted to giving from reserves for years on end.All of sudden, I had plenty of energy to do projects I had been putting off, like cleaning up piles of things in my office and cleaning out the dining room which had become a storage area. In recent years, I had begun to look at cooking as a burden … in contrast, I found myself at the grocery store picking up what was freshest and preparing some delicious meals from scratch for my family.
Instead of feeling drained by all the tidying up and the cooking, I found it energizing and deeply fulfilling … how fun to find nourishment in daily activities that used to feel like an objligation.
Amazing how when you are giving from surplus, giving can be nourishing, but when giving from reserves, it is draining. 
I have 20 days left in my receiving practice.  Can’t wait to see what else unfolds! If you decide to take on this practice, email kavita@epicdreamacademy.comand let me know how it all goes for you!

To your epic dream,