sunshine gulls MGD©So much has happened since I last wrote to you and I’m sooooo excited about it all.

I went to Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health for a delicious 7 days of workshops, yoga, healing arts and fabulous healthy food.  It was beyond amazing!

I had some delicious and surprising encounters with my intuition that tapped me into the meaning of my life. 

I’m excited to share the story with you because it may hold some clues for you about following your own intuition to open you to unexpected information and experiences that tie into the meaning of your life.

Just a side note … I’ve been obsessed with the meaning of life since I was a little girl. A boyfriend in high school wrote a card to me once that said one of the things he enjoyed about me was our deep conversations about the meaning of life, even while watching an ice hockey game or swim meet – hee hee.

Or, there were the conversations about religion with my Christian Koren BFF, Sophia, in the pavilion behind our school.

But, I digress … lots more to come in future newsletters about exploring the meaning of your life. 

So, I’m at Kripalu and have already heard a bunch of lectures on Ayurveda, nutrition etc.  My body is weary from sitting in the chair too much (even though I have been doing several hours of yoga and yogadance daily).

I have about 3.5 more days at Kripalu and I get this intuitive hit to just leave the workshop and just to R&R.  Lots of reading, healing arts, browsing the amazing Kripalu store, doing more movement, spending extra time in the jacuzzi and sauna etc.

My mind was telling me I should just stay because I signed up for it.  But my body was screaming.  I even came up with a good argument for my mind which was that R&R would have cost the same as the workshop.

And, I had gotten what I really wanted regarding information on Ayurvedic eating.  Plus, what I really came for was to get more connected to my body and daily movement.

Instead of forcing myself to stay through at the workshop through all that resistance, I left the workshop!  

And, I didn’t leave with a bang … I left gracefully by writing a lovely note to the facilitator.

For the next several days, I took great care of myself, giving myself all the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental nourishment I needed.

I stayed open and present to the experiences unfolding around me.  One of my clients had told me to make sure to attend a YogaDance class led by her teacher, Toni Bergin.

The only problem was, I was supposed to be speaking on a webinar at the time of the class.  I tuned in and got the message that I was supposed to be at this class and not at the webinar.

The truth was that the internet connection and cell reception there was iffy, I used my legitimate excuse and let my 3 co-leaders handle it without me.

Feeling kind of nervous because I’m not all that fit and flexible right now, I went to the class anyways.

It changed my life … and, I almost didn’t go.

Toni asked us to dance the transformative process of a snake shedding skins and wove in all sorts of deep and healing messages about releasing yet another and deeper layer …

Combining movement with her hypnotic, beautiful and healing words was phenomenal and so energizing.

We ended the movement experience in groups of 3.  One of us danced with eyes closed and the other two were dancing angels, giving love and support to the one in the center.

I danced my D*Votion from the depth of my being both at the center and as an angel. 

I was being moved through … I felt like I had felt the month before in Mexico, when I danced on the helm of the catamaran, making love to the universe, the moon, the stars, the wind and the ocean … my first dance of D*Votion, and this was my second.


After class, I went to take my usual silent lunch, and I ran into Toni.  She told me that my angel dancing had moved her and another member of our group to tears.

And, she later wrote this to me:  “you are a gift, especially when dancing your devotion.” (I hope it’s okay with Toni that I shared this – didn’t ask her beforehand, but thinking it’s fine.)

Toni’s comment moved me to tears.  It was affirmation of so many deep feelings welling up inside me … affirmation that I was on the right path, that by choosing from my intuition (and, not my mind) my inner light was shining through more and more.

I later found out that Toni is far more than a Kripalu YogaDance Instructor …

Toni Bergins is the founder of JourneyDance and has touched the lives of more than 75,000 people through her classes and workshops.  Check out her work here and maybe even find a class near you: 

Toni has no idea I’m mentioning her to all of you … I just felt moved to share her with you because she is that amazing.  No affiliate fees or arrangement or anything.

I have never had any inclination to learn to teach any kind of movement because I have never been all that athletic or flexible.

Toni’s class had me longing to learn to teach JourneyDance!  So, I’m holding a dream.  Will you hold it with me?

My dream is to keep working on my health and fitness to be ready to do Module 1 of Toni’s training by the end of July, which is when she’s offering it again at Kripalu!

And, the training happens to run during my birthday week!  Loving the synchronicity!  What a fabulous 45th birthday gift that would be!

Thanks for holding my dream with me … I’d love to hold your dream too – what dream do you want me to hold with you?

So, whatever does it have to do with the meaning of life?

What I have discovered about the meaning of life is that it’s about being you and being joyful. 

This sounds really simple, and it can be but we often overcomplicate it and disconnect from it because of what our minds tell us.

The more I followed my intuition, I was being me at my essence (not who my mind told me I should be).  The more I was being my essence, the more happy I became.

The more joyful and unabashedly me I was, the more I attracted exactly what I needed from the universe, from the people around me. 

If I had stayed contracted, stayed at the workshop because I was supposed to, and done the webinar like I was supposed to, I would have missed the life-changing experience with JourneyDance.

Or, if I had showed up to that class, but been in my head criticizing myself and playing small, as contrasted with dancing my heart out, which is what I did, Toni wouldn’t have experienced the essence of me and commented on it.

Questions for you to ponder and actions for you to take:

1) Where are you ignoring your intuition and doing what your mind says because your mind thinks your intuition is crazy or off or wrong or something of the sort?

2) What action will you take based on your intuition and not on what your mind tells you is right?

3) What dream do you want me to hold with you?

Write to me and tell me your answers to any or all of the questions.  Seriously – I want to hear!

And, if you aren’t sure what your intuition wants you to do because you have lived your life in your head (this was me), write to me and tell me that. I may have something special for you that might help.

Go out there and follow your intuition, be unabashedly you and feel the joy that comes from that.

Here’s to gorgeous YOU,