horse21Do you feel alone as you try and figure out who you are and what you are here to do?  What Movement is yours to lead?  What Mission is yours to do? Do you wish that you had other women, other sisters, around you who understand you and your journey? (to help you counteract the naysayers and non-believers around you?)

…who could remind you of your brilliance when you are feeling down because you feel like you “failed” at something? I hear you!  I once felt the same way … I felt so alone, until I finally started found my tribe.  And, I really began to understand that …

We can’t become ourselves by ourselves

I originally heard this from one of my favorite mentors – don’t know if she coined the phrase or if it’s originally from someone else. It rung so true!  It was in sisterhood, in the summer of 2010, that I first shared my most “shameful” story and began to heal it.  I received so much healing in that Ning Form and through participation in the group calls on the Feminine Power course, led by Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas.

I went from an I’m Bad false identity (a.k.a I’m Evil, I’m Going to Get In Trouble, I’m Selfish, It’s My Fault, I’m a Disappointment) to standing in my true power and realizing that I’m highly creative and resourceful, a revolutionary who can create new possibilities inside my capacity to rebel, capable of extreme goodness and able to achieve a lot inside of taking a lot on. Wow, so much more is possible from this new and powerful identity.

What is that false identity for you, the one that stops you from creating what you want in your business in life?  Is it I’m Not Good Enough, I’m Too Much, I’m Not Valuable, I’m Alone, I’m Crazy or something else? and, if you were to step out of that false identity and into your true power, the power that you sense and that you feel, however dimly, imagine the money you could create in your dream business, the abundance in your life … mid to high 5-figures, 6-figures … none of it would seem so distant.

There’s an amazing sisterhood waiting to uplift you and help you step into your true power, that power that you have only sensed up until now, but are deeply longing to make real in the form of your lucrative business. They will welcome you into their collective energy field as they support each other and support you in defining your Magnetic Mission and Movement, and  in navigating your inner obstacles to getting out there.

if you know you long for this kind of support, if you’re ready to really make the money you deserve through following your mission, let’s talk.   

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This is what one of our amazing WBLU sisters, Nyali Muir (I met Nyali in the Feminine Power community), posted on Facebook today about the program and community:

We are that which l sensed into, what came to me…when l leant into that space-field of infinite possibilities. We are our flock…leading our own lives and one another. We are flying…out of our own confined boxes and as we build our businesses ‘on the wing’…side by side…heart by heart…piece by piece…l am in realisation that that which we envision and commit ourselves to…with all our being…no matter how small this may feel at times (tho isnt!)…is what it takes. It is enough!!!

We are the support structures we’ve not had. We are the uplift. We are not alone…even when some of our nearest and dearest ‘dont support or get us’. Even then we are still not alone.

If you’re ready to have the uplift of this loving sisterhood to help make your calling into a viable business, let’s talk.   

We’d love to have you take your place in the circle with us. 

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Ready to have the support you really want and need and all the best business tools to get you to a profitable mid to high 5-figure or 6-figure business?

Then I’d love to connect!  It’s your time.  The time is now.  You can’t become yourself by yourself.  And, we are here, ready and waiting to welcome you!

To your epic dream,

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