Thank you so much for being a member of my community and allowing me to take up valuable space in your inbox. It means so much to me that you read what I share, and that you contribute your amazing presence and energy back to me. You are a unique and special being who has come to this planet at this time to contribute something so special.
The force of creation thought you were a good idea … otherwise you wouldn’t be here. 
Always remember that. Today, I also want to thank a very under-recognized, downtrodden, much maligned and often criticized, pushed to the side and forgotten part of myself, my shadow. Shadow, without you, I wouldn’t be where I am now.  You have made me who I am. By showing me, ever so
clearly, all the parts of me that were out of alignment, you have showed me the path to a life that I love … and, you continue to show me.
I love you, shadow, as I love my light. 
For many years, I didn’t want to deal with you, until you forced me to deal with you.  (Can any of you relate to this) Thank you for making me listen. You are one of my greatest gifts. Guilt, shame, pain, anger, jealousy, animosity, all my negative traits, the things that haunt me, all the negative self talk … and, the list goes on … you are all part of my shadow and are such great teachers. I welcome all of you in to teach me your lessons so I can alchemize what you share and integrate it into my amazing healing power and radiance.Leela, I’d love for you to have this kind of relationship to your shadow, to welcome it, listen to it and allow it to teach you.
 How awesome would it be to take the “worst” things about you and transmute them into amazing gifts that heal you? 
 I’ll be sharing more about all this soon!  Fun, fun, fun!  Stay tuned …Thanks for reading and witnessing my musings. I am so thankful l for you, my family, my friends and my shadow.For those of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving today, have a great one!
With so much gratitude,