Having transcended struggles with career, overworking, overdoing, emotional eating and drinking and personal growth addiction and moved on to working with thousands of visionary leaders to get congruent so they can create success on their terms through my proprietary system of consciousness expansion and action called Infinite Flow, I have realized that being unapologetically yourself and trusting your own knowing, even when (and, maybe even especially when) it seems crazy is the key to bone-deep fulfillment, freedom & fun. Sounds crazy, perhaps. But, even Einstein agreed. Invite me to speak and you’ll hear more about that.

I speak to audiences of conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, healers and authors who are also having silent struggle within between following their own truth and fitting in . I dare, inspire and guide you to bring your WHOLE SELF to business and life … instead of holding back or pushing down parts of yourself because they don’t “fit” into some mold, so you can be truly, deeply free and fulfilled.


I am an ideal speaker for visionary leaders. I can deliver inspirational keynotes, be a lively panelist and/or breakout session facilitator, or create half day sessions or breakout sessions for your event. I can also offers personalized webinars and videocasts for visionary organizations of all sizes – from non-profits, to internal corporate teams and more.  


I am also a great resource for your leadership teams and can collaborate with you on your programs and deepen your team’s understanding on the unique challenges visionary leaders face today.

As a Conscious Leadership Mentor and Spiritual Guide, topics I enjoy sharing with Conscious Leaders include, but aren’t limited to:

  • When Life Brings You to Your Knees, and Saves You: Creating Success on your terms by tapping into ancient yoga wisdom.

  • The Crazy, Sane Path to Epic Success.: How to use Shakthi and Intuition to create uncanny and unprecedented success

  • Epic Dream Activation: Believe, Become Limitless & Bloom.

  • Negotiate Like a Woman: Use your natural feminine strengths to ask for and get what you want at work and at home.

  • Epic Structures: How to Scale Your Business, Leverage Yourself, and Liberate Your Time.

  • Epic Selling: Be You, Be Curious, and Magnetize Clients.

  • Daily Nirvana Creation: Find Inner Bliss and Attract What You Want.

  • Yoga of Business, Wealth & Leadership: Create Success Using Ancient Wisdom Techniques.

  • Planifest with Prana: A powerful combination of Planning + Manifesting + Action that is aligned with your life force energy.

  • The 4 Aims of Life: Wealth and Being Spiritual are NOT mutually exclusive.

  • Epic Dream Relationship and Epic Dream Body: (Coming Soon).

If there’s a topic that isn’t listed that you’d like me to speak about, let’s connect and see what’s possible.

To contact me, Kavita Leela Arora, about speaking at your event, write to support@epicdreamacademy.com



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