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In the Soul-driven Success Sales training below, I give you all the tools you need to learn: 

 How to make $5-10K in 30 days selling your coaching packages! 

Click here for Call #1: Choose Your Niche, Claim Your Epic Wealth Dream & Create Your Proven Transformative System

(I’m using the phrase Soul-driven instead of SoulFire because of a trademark issue, so just substitute the phrase Soul-driven every time you hear SoulFire)

Click here for Brand Hero Interview Template covered in Call #1 

Click here for Call #2: Consciously Connect, Cultivate Captivating Connection Calls & Attract Pleasurable Sales Calls  

Click here for Call #3: Make Soul-driven Sales Invitations Consciously Connect, Cultivate Captivating Connection Calls & Attract Pleasurable Sales Calls 

Click here for the Soul-driven Sales Conversation Script covered in Call #3

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The training audios above teach you how to:

bullet-point-3Find your dream clients and comfortably invite them to speak to you

bullet-point-3Create an enticing offer that you can’t wait to make, using the words that speak most powerfully to your niche

bullet-point-3Feel comfortable with and even enjoy sales conversations

I also shared lots of other ways to start connecting with people you already know to start creating opportunities for sales conversations (which are really about deeply listening and taking a stand for people’s dreams!)

There will also be ample time for Q&A in the Facebook group during upcoming weeks and during the 5-day Challenge via FB live and webinar!

I can’t wait to be with you!  




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