What if there was a SIMPLE, STEP-BY-STEP system that I could walk you through (and save you YEARS of the struggle) that would allow you to heal yourself from mysterious pain and finally live up to your full potential?

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Quantum Feminine ™


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I’ll be walking you through, step by step:

My TOP ways to get super clear on your PURPOSE and the secret key to know how to choose the most effective INSPIRED ACTION to take moment-by-moment so you create results that make you say “OMG! I’m so thrilled!” (We’re talking about harnessing the support of the quantum field and your ancestors in creating impact and revenue).

My EXACT STEP-BY-STEP for #1: Accessing your flow state of pleasure (what I call Daily Nirvana) AND #2: Using this infinite flow state of pleasure to raise your vibration so you easily and naturally magnetize dream clients.

How I created TRUE WEALTH even while surrounded by naysayers and how you can do this to, even if the only one that believes in your dream is you

EXACTLY how to set yourself up for true freedom and self-actualization using your business as a spiritual path

The three keys you must know to set TARGETS (not goals) that you naturally and easily meet because they are so deeply congruent with who you really are and what you want to do with your life force

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Maybe achieving your dreams is requiring you to sell out on your soul and taking longer than you thought it would?

For the majority of my life, I overrode my soul to create results because there didn’t seem to be any other way.

I generated some good and even great money, a nice figure and other external success marker type results, but with very mixed feelings, before I FINALLY figured out EXACTLY how I needed to blend soul and strategy to create fabulous outcomes in a way that made my soul sing.

I know what works and what doesn’t on the path of the soul, and I’m all about MORE women showing up in business in a POWERFUL way that is CONGRUENT with their soul’s calling, makes a huge impact and creates wealth.

Ready to declare done with soul-crushing strategies and create epic health and wealth in a soul-driven way?

Join Me For This Activation of the
Quantum Feminine

and create your epic dreams without selling out on your soul-truth
using this newly discovered alchemical method.

Official Bio:

Kavita Rani Arora, Esq. is the founder of Epic Dream Academy and host of the Quantum Feminine Leader Podcast, where thought leaders, changemakers and visionary leaders come to create Quantum Prosperity & Productivity, the Feminine Way.

As an Unconventional Business Strategist and Spiritual Catalyst, Kavita has developed a proven process for creating soul-driven success based on ancient Vedic wisdom, neuroscience, the Quantum field, the divine feminine and modern spiritual science. 

Kavita gave up her career as a lawyer and Fortune 500 director in favor of listening to her soul’s true calling. For more than a decade, she's worked with thousands of people, including visionary entrepreneurs, leaders from UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo, as well as high-powered lawyers worldwide through her transformational programs, workshops and retreats.

Kavita earned her Bachelor’s degree from the Wharton School of Business and her J.D. from Santa Clara University. She’s a perpetual student, currently doing feminine form Ayurveda studies, holds 13 different coaching and leadership certifications (and counting) and is a certified Kundalini and Hatha yoga teacher. Prior to starting her own business, she spent 15 years negotiating contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies like Avaya, AT&T, HP, and Sprint. 

She has spoken alongside such luminaries as Dr. Christiane Northrup, Marianne Williamson, Lynne Twist and Gabrielle Bernstein. Kavita is currently living her dream in her resort-like home in Southern California with her husband, Moneesh, and son, Vijay.

“Most women are not taught to speak their truth or ask for what they need in a way that stems from their true feminine power.  Kavita has devoted her deep wisdom and personal life experience to giving women the skills, tools, and self awareness to speak up from their heart, courageously and compassionately –  now that is feminine power. Kavita has the spiritual depth and the practical life experience to be a great teacher, mentor and guide for any woman ready and willing to access and speak from her feminine power.”

Christine Arylo | spiritual catalyst, MBA | best-selling author | creator of the Feminine Super Powers


Kavita is THE coach for women who want to clear what’s blocking them from their truth and their voice.

In today’s fast paced market and world, over 5000 messages are ignored every single day. If you don’t want your message to be one of those, it’s important to have someone like Kavita who can hone in on who you TRULY are, what you are REALLY here to say, and connect you with the courage inside to go out and say it. Business success demands no less. Work with Kavita.”

Kylie Slavik | Digital Marketing Expert


“Before Kavita’s program, I was working as a freelance consultant psychotherapist . But I’ve always had the longing for building a business of my own, doing what I love, in my own terms, while having an abundant income.

The program was a huge revelation. I started identifying and cutting away all the stories I tell myself that keep me stuck. If you want to build a business online, with equal balance between inner development and strategies, you definitely should work with Kavita.”

Luz Elena Langle | Psychotherapist. Gestalt Therapy & Gender Perspective

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