I just had to share! An epic dream of mine came true yesterday!

A post came up in my FB memories. What’s so amazing about this is that exactly 2 years ago, I was having a huge breakthrough around the talk I finally delivered yesterday inside Kc Baker’s WomanSpeak Foundation Weekend!

The synchronicity of the timing is incredible and magical.

It took me a long time to finally get to this place … I kept going until the talk was ready to emerge.

It was such a struggle to speak the words of my heart and soul, to share a painful story.

There were times I wanted to give up. There were times I thought I’d never be ready. There were times when I thought Kc would give up on me because I was taking soooooo long with the talk.

Instead, she continued to believe in me and I continued to believe in myself. Through Kc’s amazing methods, I was able to be with the energy of the butterflies in my stomach (instead of rejecting them), and to use that energy as fuel for my inner wisdom to come through.

I used to think I could never deliver an amazing talk without notes, or that I’d get so nervous without notes that I’d forget what I was going to say.

The story I told yesterday was a really hard one to tell. I’d never told it live to a group before. I was worried that I’d get too emotional to tell it. Or, that I would lean back and away instead of leaning into the message.

I’m overjoyed to say that I did great! And, it’s all due to the brilliance of Kc’s unorthodox methods. They really work, amazingly well.

So, if you’re working on something and it’s taking what feels like too long, stick with it!  Keep believing in yourself. Too often, people quit before the miracle occurs. 


If you have a message inside that is wanting to emerge, but you’re afraid of public speaking, or have trouble with it, or just want to be better at it, check out WomanSpeak with Kc Baker! There are Circles emerging all over the world. https://kcbaker.com/womanspeak-circles/

I’m starting a Circle in Orange County, CA. If you live near me and are interested, email kavita@epicdreamacademy.com and let me know.

If this e-mail moved you or inspired you, also email kavita@epicdreamacademy.com and let me know.  I love hearing from you!

In case you want to read it, here’s the post that came up in my Facebook memories from exactly 2 years before I had the breakthrough I described above.


I did something really scary yesterday! Here’s the story … I’m working on my Ted-style talk with KC Baker and I was running into resistance and a block on mycreativity because I’m sharing some stories about my family and my marriage that are really personal.

I’ve shared some of this stuff before, but I’m going deeper with what I share AND I’m going bigger in my work.

I kept feeling like I might upset my parents and my husband with my sharing … what if other people they know heard me say this stuff and it came back to them … what if my loved ones were hurt or upset by what I’m sharing.

KC Baker brilliantly suggested that I chat with both my parents and my husband to tell them what I intend to share and to give them an opportunity to share their concerns and how they feel about it all.

That doesn’t mean I won’t share … what it does mean is that I respect and love them enough to want them to know what I’m up to (not to hear it from someone else) and for them to have an opportunity to be seen and heard by me.

So, the scary thing I did is to tell my parents and my husband that I want to chat about this in early March. Both conversations are on the calendar now! I’m scared and excited. It feels kind of like a coming out party. Any good juju you can send my way is very much appreciated!

Saying the scary thing is a theme of my talk, so this is me walking my talk.


So as to not leave you hanging, the talks with my parents and with my husband went really well. A miracle occurred with my parents and they gave me their blessing to share whatever stories I need to share.

This is a great example of my F.E.A.R. actually being False Evidence Appearing Real.

The conversations that we obsess and worry about having, it’s just so liberating to finally have them.

I’ll leave you with this … Never Give Up! Believe. Become Limitless. Bloom.