KC BakerIt’s been a crazy month full of breakdown and the light that is always on the other side. A few weeks ago, I went to Sedona to dive into an Intensive with Kc Baker to clarify my message.   I received so much more than that.  Deep bow to Kc for the wonder that unfolded.

I arrived there in total body breakdown and emotionally spent with terrible pain in both knees. Yes, funny isn’t it … I was literally brought to my knees. I spent the first morning of our intensive at the ER. Thankfully, I didn’t have deep vein thrombosis … just severe swelling.  Just 3 days later, I did a 5-6 mile hike at Boynton Canyon and a hike upward to a vortex, so I’m more than fine!  Sedona is such a healing place.

To the right, there’s a pic of me and Kc glowing and radiant before my commitment ceremony. So, here’s what was really happening with my breakdown … the Universe was pushing me to take a truthful look at what is going on in my business and life.

Are you receiving any nudges from the Universe that you might be ignoring or avoiding?

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My second morning in Sedona, I was literally on my knees and crawling in the grass doing yoga because that was the only thing that eased the pain at all. I’m not usually a crawl in the grass kind of girl … it was so wonderful to get back in touch with my body’s needs (she demanded pigeon pose at one time) and to remember the fun of lying in the grass, like a little girl. I felt ashamed to admit how much I was out of alignment. It was also a huge relief!

Have you ever felt that way before?  The relief of admitting something that’s hard to admit? I realized that I was yet again in breakdown from too much doing and not enough deep inner listening. Oh no, not again … I thought I had broken this pattern and that made it harder to see that I was in it again. Do you need some help in seeing a pattern that might be keeping you stuck?  Click here to book a time to get my help in breaking a pattern.

I realized I needed to slow everything down and change some things. I made some tough decisions around releasing some relationships … relationships that have been amazing for me, but that I need to shift so I can truly build my business from my inner wisdom. I felt torn about releasing these relationships … but, I knew what I needed to do and I did it, despite feeling conflicted. When I got home, I did what I needed to do, even though it was really hard. My head tried to override my inner wisdom and I didn’t let it! It’s heart wrenching to let go sometimes … it’s so hard to face the truth.

Are there hard truths in your life you’re not facing? 

Changes you need to make that you’re not making because your head is telling you it’s the right direction to go?  Click here to book a time to get some help with this. I’m feeling thrilled about recommitting to building my business from divine flow and inner guidance. There’s nothing wrong, per se, with other ways of building business … they just aren’t in alignment with who I am and what I teach.

When I was out of alignment, it killed off my inspiration and led to total procrastination with some of the activities on my “plan” for this fall. Letting go of the plan now and allowing for the divine unfolding. It feels amazing! I have kept work activities to a minimum these past 2 weeks and I renewed some beautiful commitments to taking care of my body temple.

I’m serving my ladies in Women’s Business Leadership University in new ways that are more aligned with joy and the divine play of life. We are having a blast playing a Feminine Energy Game.  Everyone is getting inspired and juiced up. I love the way it feels to be inspired and passionate about my work again.  It feels awesome to be in alignment and walking my talk! I’m back in my Wealth Zone again … that’s what happens when you’re willing to make changes in alignment with inner guidance, even when they seem really hard to make.

What about you?  Are you in Your Wealth Zone? 

If not, would you like to some help getting there?  Some help identifying changed you need to make in order to get you there?

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Much Love,