I’m up to big things right now, bigger than ever before …I’m guessing you are too, because you’re a brilliant visionary.  You wouldn’t be in my community if you weren’t. 

Being up to bigger things means I’m out of my comfort zone, even more than usual and old patterns are coming up, trying to keep me safe.  Ahhh, that ego mind …

On Sunday, I sat down to work on my new one year program, Visionary Business Leadership Academy – that’s the name I’m toying with … more details on this soon … so thrilling!

I’m really excited about this program, and I’m also nervous and scared because I have never offered my teachings quite this way before.  I’m taking the work I normally do in private mentorship and I’m making it more accessible. 

When I’m nervous and scared, my tendency is to procrastinate … perhaps you do this too?

Yeah … thought you might …

I got wind of my particular brand of procrastination …

I just realized that when I want to procrastinate because I’m scared about what I’m undertaking, I over-complicate and make the task seem much bigger than it is!

Do you ever do this?

As soon as I saw the pattern, I outed myself on Facebook. 

Then, I simplified, got back into action and completed a beautiful draft of the program!

And, I shared it with a potential client today – she loved it!  She may not jump in quite yet … she may do a VIP day first because that may serve her current needs better. 

That’s not even the point …

It felt so great to clear this block!  It felt so good to not let it stop me, and to take imperfect action by sharing my draft with a potential client.

If I did it, you can do it too! 

Where are you procrastinating? 

What’s going on with you?

Are you using over-complication and magnification of a task to avoid doing it?  Or, to make it far more painful than it should be?

Are you holding back from sharing your work because it’s not perfect enough yet?  Good enough yet?

If so … stop it now! 

Take a deep breath … or, maybe a couple …

Look at the task at hand and find the simplest way to start it, 

Chunk it down into a bunch of smaller tasks if need be. 

And, most importantly, don’t wait for perfection … imperfect action is where it’s at. 

Your people need you … so, get out there and do your thing … imperfectly perfect as it may be …

I wasn’t going to write to you today because I don’t have time this week to sit down and write something long and thoughtful.  Time is crunched … I’m off to Florida on Thursday for a quick getaway with family … can’t wait to escape this tough winter for a few days …

And, then I thought short and simple is perfectly imperfect …

Yours in Simplicity and Imperfection,