LoveAndSelfCareA few weeks ago, I made a confession because I hadn’t been walking my talk.  My business wasn’t feeling very succulent and soul-full because I was out of balance and working too hard. Then, when my son got a concussion it just pushed me over the edge.

In this breakdown, I found a deeper commitment to honoring myself, my soul, and my body than I ever have before.

The breakdown was exactly what I needed to get me to see something that I have never seen clearly before. 

I have NEVER put caring for my body and soul first. 

I fit it in around the other “more important things” like taking care of my amazing 10 year old son and husband, working on my business, personal development, and taking lots of online classes to continue my business education. Mind you, all of these things are important!  But,what I got to see when I hit my wall is that if I don’t have my health, if I don’t take care of myself, I really can’t do any of the other important things as well or effectively, or possibly not even be able to do them at all.

HUGE TRANSFORMATION – my health and self-care comes first now. I feed the feminine first.  

My mentor, Devaa Haley Mitchell, first taught me about this concept, and I did it for a while. Then, I forgot it. The idea is that everyday, upon waking, you do something (maybe even a few things) to nourish yourself. It could be meditation or a little bit of yoga. Maybe it is taking a walk or sipping some tea and writing in your journal. She calls it feeding the feminine first – and we all have a feminine side.  Yes, you men too.

What will you commit to doing everyday to nourish yourself in the morning?

I meditate, or if I don’t have time for the meditation, I do 5 minutes of yoga first thing in the morning. It changes my whole day. My commitment goes beyond just the morning and infuses my whole day. All day, I take time to check in with my body and ask what she is wanting and needing. I have been told that I am very determined and when I decide to focus on something, it transforms.  (By the way, you have this superpower too, should you choose to invoke it!)

2013 is the year I transform my body and treat it like the amazing Temple that it is!

I’m proud to say that I’m meditating several times a week, doing a breathing practice, doing regular cardio and weight training, getting regular bodywork, and eating a healthier and healthier diet. No more taking my body for granted. My body is my business. My body is my life.  My body is the place I live and I want it to be a lovey, pleasant, and fun place for me to be. I was feeling so physically depleted that I couldn’t even appreciate that my community more than tripled in size in the past 2 months and that I am on track to double my revenues this year.

What pattern are you taking on to transform this year?

What is up in your life that you know needs to change? Is it time to really look at your relationship to your money, to get comfortable with sales, to focus on your health (like me), or is it something else for you? As you choose and commit, resources will begin to show up in your field.

Life is up underneath you, supporting you and your greatest dreams for yourself.  Are you ready to claim this support by making a powerful commitment and taking empowered action?

You create your destiny everyday by the thoughts you think, the actions you take, and the energy you emanate. 

What amazingness will you create today? 

I can’t wait to see and to hear all about it. Click here to apply to speak to me Comment on this post and share what pattern you are committed to shifting and what amazingness you will create!

Until next time …

Radiance and Courage,