paintheartI’m writing to share a little wisdom from my Mom. I’m really blessed to have an amazing Mom who is a medical doctor and also very well versed in Eastern and natural healing. She has been watching me struggle with eliminating all sorts of foods from my diet to improve my hormone balance, and she has watched me let go of so many things I really love to eat and drink. She pointed out something really wise … when I have too many food rules, that actually can create stress.  And, when I am not eating enough things I enjoy, that also creates stress. So true! She redirected me to the old wisdom of moderation and balance in eating as contrasted with extreme measures. 
I added to that the extra step of deciding to get my food sensitivities tested so that I can focus on eliminating the foods that are actually allergens for me.  And, I told her I wanted to get some other testing done.
We got into a tense place for a few moments because she felt like I hadn’t heard what she had been telling me all day. She is very self aware, so she admitted some attachment to having me hear her … totally natural be attached to impacting your daughter’s health, right? Then, something totally new emerged … instead of getting disconnected and stuck in a bad place, we both opened our hearts and deeply listened to each other. I deeply GOT where she was coming from, and vice versa … she GOT that I heard her and that I also wanted to do some of it my way. Moments later, we were joking about our tension, hugging and laughing.
Amazing what can happen when you open your heart and deeply listen to another person, even in the midst of tension … in fact, it’s especially necessary during those moments. I wanted to share my experience and my Mom’s wisdom with all of you because I thought that some of you might be confused (like I have been) about what to eat to improve your health.  And, I thought you might enjoy this story of navigating tension with love. We were also talking about managing stress because I tend to take on too much, overdo and move fast, sometimes too fast.
Do you do this sometimes too? Do you take on too much? So, I canceled my trip to Oregon in early July – while I really want to go to the World Domination Summit, I really can’t do that trip and also find the time that I want and need to take care of myself AND spend quality time with my family. There’s so much inspiration and creation flowing through me these days PLUS amazing client opportunities. I really want to do it all … but, I can’t. I’m just one person.
 And, we made a list of the 5 things I’m going to do regularly to improve my health:
1.      Eat everything, but in moderation, and with a focus on nourishing foods.
2.      Exercise 3-4 times a week
3.      Meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) 5 times a week
4.      Take regular breaks from work – fun downtime
5.      Laugh more
What’s your list?  Are there things you want to be doing, that you’re not currently doing to relieve stress and improve your health?
 I’m off to CA now for some training with my new financial services client to learn about wealth, how to manage it and increase it.  And, to learn how to coach the financial advisors I’ll be working with.  It’s the trip I’m choosing to take instead of going to Oregon. My son is 10 years old, and one of my values is minimzing time away from him and maximizing hanging out with him during these very precious years.
The alignment feels really good. 
Holding you as powerful, always,